Wine coolers are refrigerators specially designed to keep your wine chilled to a certain temperature. They can be small or the size of a normal refrigerator. The main idea is that they serve solely to keep your wine chilled.

They come equipped with shelves that are designed to hold your wine at the correct angle. Also, they implement some design techniques to keep your wine stable and perfect.

Wine coolers are designed to stay at a specific temperature, usually around 10-15 degrees Celsius. At that temperature it prevent wine from spoiling and help preserve flavor. They are also designed to limit the amount of vibration from the condenser motor so that the wine is not stirred or agitated in any way. Such movements can disrupt the natural aging process of wine. Some wine coolers are also designed to minimize the amount of natural light that reaches the bottles stored inside. Light can damage the taste of wine. Ensuring that a minimum of natural light reaches the refrigerator is essential to preserving wine.

A wine cooler, or wine cooler, is a great way to store and preserve your wine while keeping it safe and fresh. If you have a large number of wine bottles, then a wine cooler is an excellent alternative to a regular refrigerator that can keep the bottles too cold and prevent the aging process.

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Dometic MaCave DW6

Wine cooler

Vitrifrigo DCW 46

Wine cooler

Dometic D46B

Compressor cooler
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Technomax CW8P

Thermoelectric cooling display case for up to 8 bottles

Dometic DrawBar 5B

Compact wine cooler, 5 bottles, black glass door
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Dometic DrawBar 5C

Compact wine cooler, 5 bottles, transparent glass door

Dometic DrawBar 5S

Compact wine cooler, 5 bottles, custom door

Vitrifrigo DCW 95

Wine cooler

Vitrifrigo DCW 62

Wine cooler Availability: on request

Dometic D18B

Compressor refrigerator for wine

Dometic C35F

Compressor refrigerator with one cooling zone
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