A toasters are a small kitchen appliance used for toasting bread and other foods. A toaster is a small device in the shape of a cube with inserts for placing bread or pastries.

A toaster works by sending heat through the device to toast bread or other ingredients. The weight of the toaster and the height of the toaster affect the placement of the toaster, with smaller ones usually being stored in the cupboard and larger toasters remaining permanently on the counter.

The most common type of toaster is a stainless steel toaster. They come in other materials, including plastic or aluminum. The material often determines the longevity and cost of the toaster. Solis stainless steel toasters last longer than other types because they are more durable and withstand frequent use.

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Solis Sandwich Toaster

Toaster Type 8003 Sandwich maker and toaster in one: The Solis sandwich toaster can toast slices of toast as well as pastries and even sandwiches.
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Solis Flex Toaster

Toaster Type 8004 Suitable for toasting, defrosting or reheating various types of bread and pastries, from regular to gluten-free bread.
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Solis Steel Toaster

Toaster Type 8002 Stainless-steel toaster with extra large slots for a crispy breakfast.
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