Solis Plus

Solis Plus is a brand of the Saniteh company, which represents the starting point for high-tech small household appliances with an urban modern design, as well as high-quality equipment for hotel rooms, villas and apartments.

Our highly motivated sales team provides expert project advice to customers, investors, hoteliers, retailers, plumbers, engineers and architects. Delivery of technical documentation, catalogs and samples is our usual sales support. The showroom is equipped with a wide selection of the latest devices in operation.

Through all these years of business, we have created a recognizable Solis Plus brand that was built through the enthusiasm and effort of people who work and enjoy their work.


About Solis products

Since 1908, Solis has been successfully introducing small household appliances for the kitchen, beauty and room air control segments. With more than 110 years of experience, Solis successfully brings new, safe and innovative products to the market. As a Swiss company with a long and rich tradition, values ​​such as reliability, trust and sustainability are particularly important to Solis.

At Solis, we want to enrich and simplify life with solutions that help to experience the perfect end result, while at the same time offering an optimal user experience. Focusing on understanding user needs and user-centered design, Solis develops products that continue to add value to users’ lives as they move from enthusiastic novices to experienced and demanding users.

Swiss design conquers the world

Since its foundation more than 100 years ago, the successful Swiss company Solis has always remained true to its philosophy and direction of action, with the aim of enriching consumers’ lives with quality products for everyday use, which are also comfortable, simple and at the same time efficiently designed. Moreover, quality Solis products are not only popular on the domestic market in Switzerland. Solis can proudly say that it now has a good market position in 40 countries around the world.

Small is beautiful

As a family business with short lines, we can listen, react and adapt immediately. The honest opinion of customers and business partners of Solis is of vital importance, because it is the only way for Solis to develop and improve products that meet the needs of the market. Over the decades, Solis continues to achieve true innovation created by our Swiss designers based on trends and real market needs.

Quality standard

Swiss design stands for functionality, precision, durability, quality and innovation. By designing products that are built to last, Solis opposes the ‘throwaway society’. Since its foundation more than a century ago in Zurich, Switzerland, products have been manufactured according to the Solis quality standard. The brand’s products are designed for high repairability, and the result is an extended product life.

Commitment to the production of professional quality home appliances is always on our mind. This can be seen in the selection of premium materials used in the design of our products, smart functionalities and optimal performance, so you can achieve the best results, time and time again. From 2021 Solis Plus offers Solis small household appliances.



Westinghouse empowers lives by providing sustainable energy and reliable appliances, lighting and electronics for the home. As the company that brought power to America more than 100 years ago, we strive to improve everyday life with trusted innovation that brings people together in the moments that matter.

January 9, 1886 George Westinghouse founded the Westinghouse company. Westinghouse has gained a variety of experiences over the years. From innovations in alternating current to setting up the first commercial radio station.

Westinghouse used its innovative engineering experience to introduce the first fully electric cooker in 1917. The brand has become a leader in the design and production of electrical household appliances. Westinghouse in 1973. introduced the first induction cooker and developed a series of pans for it. Westinghouse has been a well-known and loved brand for years. In 1970 Westinghouse has pulled out of the household products business. In 2019, Megaprojects B.V. reintroduced the Westinghouse brand to the European market. With rich historical experience, Westinghouse is proud to say that it invests all its knowledge in cookware and small household appliances. From 2024 the Solis Plus brand offers Westinghouse small household appliances in its range.

Westinghouse brand vision

Westinghouse is built on a tradition of reliability and innovation. Today, we strive to make everyday life a little better by offering a wide range of quality products and services you can trust. For more than 130 years, Westinghouse has stood for innovative, reliable, easy-to-use products. The combination of revolutionary technology and reliability has made Westinghouse one of the world’s most trusted brands.

When they see Westinghouse, consumers know they’re getting a product packed with features that simply make their lives easier, a product that has the latest thinking while providing years of value.


Thanks to the unique combination of revolutionary technologies and proven reliability, Westinghouse is a renowned brand worldwide that you can always rely on.


The Westinghouse brand is built on a history of innovation and entrepreneurship. This idea lives on in current products. For example, they are always equipped with the latest technology.


In addition to beautiful visual design, Westinghouse products offer much more. For example, our products are designed with the user in mind. All for added value to everyday life.

Guided by our heritage of innovation and quality, we work closely with industry leaders in product development, manufacturing and design to curate a selection of high-performance products for residential and industrial users worldwide.